Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Peacocks fly?

I had just put little E to bed and my mom comes running in yelling "THERE ARE PEACOCKS ON THE ROOF!!!" I felt like papparazzi as we ran to the backyard with our cameras. Sure enough, peacocks, on the roof. I am attempting to take better pictures and learn more about my camera so I just clicked my little heart out. I am not sure what settings work best when your subject is about 25-30 feet away and it is just past dusk but I had quite a challenge getting any of the shots to turn out. This is the best one:
As we were shooting, the peacocks (4 in all- 2 couples) flew from our roof to our neighbors roof - about 40 feet! I did not know these birds flew. I thought they were more like chickens. But no! They really fly far! Then after the neighbors garage, they flew into a huge pine in our yard to roost for the night. What a sight!

Friday, April 25, 2008

those eyes!

I was uploading my most recent photos and LOVE this one!

Uh Oh! Coffee at 8pm?

Well, it looks like tonight could be fun! I was seriously craving coffee tonight and, while I drink half-caff, the caffinated half just might get me going.

I spent the morning and into the afternoon training for my new job. I am really excited! While my predecessor has way more experience and just overall talent, I hope to make up for my lack with passion. I love the part where I can do something I love, oh and the part where I can be part time doing something I love, oh yeah, and the part where I can still be a stay at home mom. How much better can it get! I am looking forward to providing an experience The Rock guests and family through food. I have not done catering professionally but merely out of service. I always enjoy blessing people with a good meal. I also look forward to the creative freedom to help shape guest experience at The Rock.

Here is my latest accomplishment. I have been working on these cards for our women's group.

So, I like how they turned out. I think they are pretty good for being just a dabbler.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

I intellectually understand neurosis... I just do not have time for it!

Of course I would like all things to be perfect. But, I will settle on a few things reaching status in lieu of the sucky feeling of striving and then having all things perfect with me in a straitjacket or nothing perfect... and me in a straitjacket.

I have recently noticed that some who constantly profess to be "neurotic", "ADD", and "OCD" are putting a humble spin on "overachiever", "very capable", and "perfect". I couldn't quite put my finger on why I feel insecure as I hear others share their "mental illnesses". It finally hit me! Apparently, to let others know how much better you are without risking looking like a narcissist, you can fully brag about your abilities as long as you label them as disorders. Why didn't I think of this? I could have had the edge years ago! Hmmm... how should I diagnose myself? Maybe I should let people know how "bipolar" I am because I am SUCH an amazing multi-tasker! Or... because I am SO creative and on the cutting edge of fashion, I should say that I am "schizophrenic".
Anyways... you get the point. Apparently the old-fashioned adage "the proof is in the pudding" is OUT OF FASHION. I don't know... call me vintage but I think I will risk being a bit mysterious and let others surmise what they will.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Tired... need sleep!

I was really tired about an hour ago so I went to bed and then started thinking... And thinking. And thinking. Soooo, now I am up again and since I am a bit behind on my commitment to post daily, here I am. A few things brought joy to my heart this week. One being the fun I have had with my camera. After having the thing for over a year, I am finally learning its functions. And, I actually have taken a few good shots.

One of my dear friends is organizing a women's getaway and liked one of the photos for her promo material. So I, little ol' stay-at-home-mama-who-is-not-creative, am designing these materials. Pretty unbelievable since I am brand new to the world of design. Nonetheless, I am giving it my best. Here is the infamous original photo (protected by copyright, of course):

I really do like the photo for its freshness. I think of lemonade on a warm day, crisp linen, and daydreaming while laying on blanket in the grass contemplating the shapes of clouds.

Secondly, I had an interview this week for a very part-time catering job at The Rock. I am really at peace about whether I get the job or not. I am excited about the possibilities but the Lord knows what I can handle. I just have not had an interview for 9+ years so the experience was exhilarating. The last time I was interviewed, I had not the confidence I feel now that I am 30 and like myself.

Lastly, I am thoroughly convinced I am being redefined. So I am up for anything. I am looking forward to endless possibilities and I have faith to move mountains. And not just mountains of laundry. Or mountains of peaches drowning in heavy cream. Or mountains of diapers. Or mountains of paperwork. Or the mountains I like to call molehills.

Ok... I know. Someone please tuck that girl in bed. Count sheep or SOMETHING!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Going for cup #3

I try to keep my coffee drinking to one cup a day but today is a 3 cupper. Nothing unusually stressful happening. I just want another cup. Is that really so bad? I have been combing the net for inspiration and anything unusally piquant. I took some photos today in the yard but nothing popped. I really want to get started on my Blurb photobook but I feel I need to scale down on my first book attemp. Instead of taking on years of unbooked photos, I think I need to focus on something smaller. Like Evelina's baby book. And not get perfectionistic about it! This is supposed to be fun, right?

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

So excited...

I found this fabric online and I can not wait to put in play! I have already cut into it and I am attempting to use it in a new embelishment design for my t-shirt project. I am using it as a center piece in the applique along with some charcoal gray satin and some plum colored cotton.

I am at a bit of a standstill so I put it aside to work on tomorrow. I do know I want it to look classy with a touch of grunge. I just get happy when I see this design.


I spent time today cleaning. Yeah for clean, boo for chores. Evelina was as cute as ever. We got the "anywhere chair" at PBK and she loves it! She wants to sit on it all of the time! Here she is kickin back with her afternoon milk:

Friday, April 4, 2008

Ryan's Birthday

My little brother turned 26 this week and to celebrate, we went to dinner at a local sushi restaurant. It was quieter that the mainstream sushi places but the food was quality and it had fun decor. Note the trees in above photo. We inhaled 5 rolls and then moved on to their place to bake some cookies and chat. Good times.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

In the spirit of admiring peacocks...

I was enjoying the peacock I photographed at Daffodil Hill so much I have been dressing in "peacock". I realized it yesterday as I caught a glimpse of myself in a mirror at the mall. Funny!