Saturday, April 19, 2008

I intellectually understand neurosis... I just do not have time for it!

Of course I would like all things to be perfect. But, I will settle on a few things reaching status in lieu of the sucky feeling of striving and then having all things perfect with me in a straitjacket or nothing perfect... and me in a straitjacket.

I have recently noticed that some who constantly profess to be "neurotic", "ADD", and "OCD" are putting a humble spin on "overachiever", "very capable", and "perfect". I couldn't quite put my finger on why I feel insecure as I hear others share their "mental illnesses". It finally hit me! Apparently, to let others know how much better you are without risking looking like a narcissist, you can fully brag about your abilities as long as you label them as disorders. Why didn't I think of this? I could have had the edge years ago! Hmmm... how should I diagnose myself? Maybe I should let people know how "bipolar" I am because I am SUCH an amazing multi-tasker! Or... because I am SO creative and on the cutting edge of fashion, I should say that I am "schizophrenic".
Anyways... you get the point. Apparently the old-fashioned adage "the proof is in the pudding" is OUT OF FASHION. I don't know... call me vintage but I think I will risk being a bit mysterious and let others surmise what they will.