Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Peacocks fly?

I had just put little E to bed and my mom comes running in yelling "THERE ARE PEACOCKS ON THE ROOF!!!" I felt like papparazzi as we ran to the backyard with our cameras. Sure enough, peacocks, on the roof. I am attempting to take better pictures and learn more about my camera so I just clicked my little heart out. I am not sure what settings work best when your subject is about 25-30 feet away and it is just past dusk but I had quite a challenge getting any of the shots to turn out. This is the best one:
As we were shooting, the peacocks (4 in all- 2 couples) flew from our roof to our neighbors roof - about 40 feet! I did not know these birds flew. I thought they were more like chickens. But no! They really fly far! Then after the neighbors garage, they flew into a huge pine in our yard to roost for the night. What a sight!