Thursday, April 17, 2008

Tired... need sleep!

I was really tired about an hour ago so I went to bed and then started thinking... And thinking. And thinking. Soooo, now I am up again and since I am a bit behind on my commitment to post daily, here I am. A few things brought joy to my heart this week. One being the fun I have had with my camera. After having the thing for over a year, I am finally learning its functions. And, I actually have taken a few good shots.

One of my dear friends is organizing a women's getaway and liked one of the photos for her promo material. So I, little ol' stay-at-home-mama-who-is-not-creative, am designing these materials. Pretty unbelievable since I am brand new to the world of design. Nonetheless, I am giving it my best. Here is the infamous original photo (protected by copyright, of course):

I really do like the photo for its freshness. I think of lemonade on a warm day, crisp linen, and daydreaming while laying on blanket in the grass contemplating the shapes of clouds.

Secondly, I had an interview this week for a very part-time catering job at The Rock. I am really at peace about whether I get the job or not. I am excited about the possibilities but the Lord knows what I can handle. I just have not had an interview for 9+ years so the experience was exhilarating. The last time I was interviewed, I had not the confidence I feel now that I am 30 and like myself.

Lastly, I am thoroughly convinced I am being redefined. So I am up for anything. I am looking forward to endless possibilities and I have faith to move mountains. And not just mountains of laundry. Or mountains of peaches drowning in heavy cream. Or mountains of diapers. Or mountains of paperwork. Or the mountains I like to call molehills.

Ok... I know. Someone please tuck that girl in bed. Count sheep or SOMETHING!


Anonymous said...

The photo you took is going to be amazing on our Women's ministry stuff. I love it!!! ~ Kristen