Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day

I hope y'all had an amazing Mother's Day! I must say I was surprised and truly blessed! I feel blessed because I have the best husband and daughter a girl could want! I can not imagine life without them.

Mother's day morning we got up and ready and headed to one of our favorite places for breakfast, Sweetie Pies. They have delish french toast with ollalaberries. We did not have to wait long to get in and we had fun. Evelina enjoyed sharing her eggs and sausage with her Noah's Ark Giraffes. I sipped my coffee and savored my french toast. Matthew was a bit more adventurous and ordered a chile rilleno cassarole. Let's just say he is going to stick to pancakes next time. I thought it wasn't bad but he had a hard time with the texture of the eggs.

We had a wonderful time!

Daddy gave her some whipped cream! Oh Happy!

And this is the only picture of me on Mother's Day that turned out. Turned out meaning not blurry. Definately not good, but not blurry. This is typical when I try to get pictures of me. My kids will look back through our photos and say, "Mom, why do all of the pictures of you look RETARDED?" I will just have to respond, "Sweetheart, the reason is because Mommy is retarded."

And now... the moment we have all been waiting for - the gift! I love gifts and so I was very excited to recieve one! Matthew gave me 2 cards - one from him and one from Evelina. Both were adorable. One even looked like my header on Splendid Wren. He had E write something in her card which is stinkin cute! He then gave me a wrapped box (bonus points for a wrapped gift) which held a gift set of Burts Bees products. I heart Burts Bees so I was thrilled. He then gave me another box which he wrapped with a picture of E. No joke... here is what was inside:

I was so surprised! I've wanted an ipod but we just have not the money for anything extra. I almost jumped up and did a little dance but I think I was just too stunned. Matthew has really learned that he likes getting me gifts almost as much as I like getting them. He is not the type to bring me home stuff all of the time and that is just fine with me. But, on holidays, he definately has gotten good at picking stuff for me.

Well, I will sign off for now. God bless Moms!

PS- Did I forget to mention that I hurt my baby twice today? In the spirit of being a good mom, I first closed her double chin in her seatbelt. As she screamed in agony, I then pulled her out of the seat to console her and bashed her head against the car. Yeah... we were both crying before the day really got started. Her, because of pain and me, because of guilt.


Sheena Souza said...

Oh Alicia this is this so great!!! And funny....I can relate to the hurting your child part! Can't wait to check out your new iPod!!! Yay!!

Charlotte said...

What a beautiful Mother's Day. I am so excited for you to get an iPod! And how great is it that Matthew is getting so good at picking out gifts for you! That is awesome! It takes them some time, doesn't it? Almost 10 years now? ;)

Alicia said...

Thanks! I have already been listening to Todd Bentley's podcasts. It has been awesome! August we will have been married for 9 years... what a feat!