Wednesday, May 7, 2008

pigtails, pansies, and popcicles

Since I have yet another cold this year, my mom was so kind and helped get Evelina going this morning. Which incidentally included a hair makeover. It is really funny to see her look so different. I usually don't put up all of her hair when I put it up. Or should I day, when she doesn't pull out whatever I put in her hair that day. She almost looks like a different baby. Definately still cute, I just am not used to it.

Because holding ladybugs and sniffing pansies is so much work, she took a much needed rest. She is taking a break with her popcicle and I, though sick, am helping my mom pull weeds. I will not go into just how much help I was but I was company none the less.


Charlotte said...

I love her hair in pigtails!!! Way too cute. But then, she is too adorable all the time. Such a pretty Precious Moments baby. :)