Thursday, June 26, 2008

We have another baby!

Ok... So maybe I tricked you... I am not pregnant (yet). Evelina had a baby. She has really been into babies so I really wanted her to have her own. She is the proud mama to Angelique Fiona, aka Baby Angie.

Hugs and Kisses!

And of course she needs a stroller to push her around...

Here is a shot of the three of us...

My new fabric

I am so excited about the new fabric I just bought from AnnaMaria. It is gorgeous! I plan to make this purse I saw on her site. I am SMITTEN!

Bath Duckie... of the non-rubber kind

Monday, June 23, 2008

Road trip for Debe's Wedding

On Friday morning, I awoke at 5am because for the first time ever, I left my baby at home spending 2 days away so that I could witness the beautiful miracle that was Debe and David coming together in marriage.

We started Friday morning out right with coffee.

We headed to the coast at Monterrey to drive all the way to Oxnard via Highway 1.

Stephanie had the privilege of seeing Hearst castle in San Simeon before but I never had, so we took the tour. Amazing and worth the $24 ticket!

It took us about 12 hours to get to the hotel in Oxnard but it was sooo worth the trip! We had a great time and never ran out of stuff to catch up on. Being so busy with babies and work, it gets harder to keep up with friends. We breathed fresh ocean air, were awed by the might and valor of the sea, and were charmed by sea life! And we had the added benefit of sharing with each other!
We checked in at 6pm and got ready for the bachelorette party at TGIF. Here is Barb and me at the bachelorette party. We have a picture somewhat like this from 10 years ago which looks like we are a 2-headed monster. That is great news because it looks like we haven't aged a bit, Girl!

Here is Debe and Steph at the party...

Steph and I headed back to room at 10pm, ate brownies and ice cream while watching the amazing Horatio Kane, and then zonked out.

We got up and ate the hotel's mediocre breakfast buffet (sometimes it sucks having such a sophisticated palette =). Then, we headed to the wedding site to help out. She is very well connected in LA and her friends did a beautiful job decorating and setting up so there was not too much needed. It just so happened that on the day we traveled to such a gorgeous coastal location, they had a heat wave and it was over 100 degrees instead of the forecasted 83 degrees. We were totally fried and sweaty by the time the wedding began. Thank God everyone was sweaty or I would have felt like an utter sow!

The wedding was short and sweet! Debe was likened to Ruth and David, to Boaz. How beautiful that Debe really did get a kinsman redeemer and David, a beautiful example of Christ's bride! They shared their own vows and included one of my favorites from Solomon's Song, "Set me as a seal upon your heart, a seal apon your arm."

After the wedding, we left for home at about 5pm. We made it home at 11:30 after 3 stops. Not bad time, eh? We tried not to go over 80mph.

Our hubbies and babies were happy to see us the next day!

Congratulations, Debe and David! Live long and prosper in the Lord! May God give you wisdom and revelation in your knowledge of Him. May he continue to give you examples of His love for His bride through your marriage!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Two friends, two pedicures, and two sushi rolls

Us at Starbucks (Of course our first choice would be javaj's but he is closed evenings)... Starting the night out right. Notice our smiles. Iced coffee while getting pedicures is sooo like being on vacation!

Here is one of the yummy rolls at Sky. I love the creamy spicy sauce which I am sure has fat, fat, and fat as the main ingredients but I love it nonetheless. It is bliss! We stuffed ourselves! Two things I don't do when I am with my hubby - eat sushi, because he is not a big fan, and stuff myself, because I then I feel like a big pig. Thank God for friends!
It is really nice to take the night off sometimes. As a mom, it is not always easy to get away. I cherish every moment with my daughter and my husband. But I also love an old-fashioned girls night. It is in these rare times, I really can enjoy the new me. The new me meaning the mom me. I was driving home from the evening and I caught myself smiling. (I tried to take a picture of myself, smiling, as I was driving home but they all made me look like we hit the bars, which we did not. So needless to say, they were far too bad to post. I wanted to capture the feelings of happiness and satisfaction about where I am in life but I just looked tired. Not real convincing. I trashed those pics.) I really was smiling in the car as I listened to really loud music in my new minivan. If anyone saw me, they were probably laughing because before I was a mom, I would have laughed. I don't know what it is about a mom rockin' out in her minivan but I would have laughed before kids, and come to think of it, if I saw someone else doing it, I would laugh now too.
Thanks to my beautiful friend Stephanie, for good times and a friendship where we can just be us!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

New Van - Addendum 2

So I shared earlier that the van was paid for through an insurance refund, but I did not realize that the flight and gas was paid for too.

A few weeks ago, our pastor at the Rock asked those who have something to give to line up on one side of the room and those who have a need to line up on the other side. The lines moved to the front of the church as the people at the front of both lines met, hugged, and the giver gave to the reciever. It was so moving and powerful! There were many tears as needs were met and people were blessed. Usually, we would be one of the first to give because that is sooo our hearts but this time God asked us to get in the recieving line. It was very humbling and embarrasing but we acted out of obedience. We were given $411 that night. We were also heavily impressed upon by the Lord to not make an offer in compromise on our taxes but instead pay it in full, no matter how long it takes.

About a week ago, we were challenged by someone about our decision to pay our tax bill in full. They made the point that if relief was available, then why not try for it. We had the opportunity to share about obedience to the Lord and we firmly shared that it would be disobedience to do anything but pay our taxes in full. Two days after that proclamation, the van was made available to us.

We thought at first our $411 should go towards our tax bill but now we see that when we spoke out our obedience, God blessed us with something very intimate. He saw that we were making due with one car but he blessed us with a second, much nicer family vehicle. The $1000 covered the cost of the van and $411 was the cost of the flight and gas to get home! What a miracle! God is a Father who cares for and provides for us in ways that are intimate to us! Thank you, Father!!!

Evelina is REALLY excited about the van, too!

Monday, June 9, 2008


Aparently Steven Curtis Chapman's daughter, Maria Sue was killed in a tragic car accident recently. She was killed when her older brother was driving his car and he did not see her in the driveway. Here is a picture of their family. Maria Sue is the one in Steven's lap.

I read somewhere that he wrote the following song for this daughters a few months ago. I read someone's comment about how prophetic the song is and I can't help but agree.

I cried as I watched this video and I cannot imagine what it would be like to lose a child. Nor could I imagine running over my sibling with the car and killing her. Please keep this family in prayer!

Addendum to my latest post ,"New Van"

Matthew began his journey home in the new van this morning at 8:30am. I called our insurance company to add the van about 9am. The gal in customer service was adding the van when, lo and behold, she saw a credit due us from our old homeowners policy. The amount was $1,000. The same amount we just paid to Matthew's Grandpa for the van. Don't you just love how God works! His ways are exceedingly intimate and mysterious! I love it! He meets us in such splendid ways and thinks of things that even a suspicious mind, such as I have, could conjure.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

New Van!

Never would I ever have thought I would be excited about getting a van! But here I sit, jubilant and thankful that God has blessed us with, yes, a mini-van. Matthew's grandparents just bought a new Kia and have offered to sell us their, yes, mini-van. They have kept and cared for it immaculately. We were elated to accept their offer. Sooo, Matthew flew to Spokane, Wa, which is where many of his family live. They called last night with their proposal and today, his brother, Brannon picked him up at the airport. He will be able to spend tonight with them, but then head back first thing in the morning to begin his 14 hour drive.

Here is a 1999 Dodge Caravan to give you an idea. Ours is white = ) I will surely post pictures of our fly new ride once they are in!

Monday, June 2, 2008


I have now concluded that my new job is going to more work that I thought it would be. The 5-10 hours per week is acurate for the weekly part. I just completed the catering for my first special event and it took me about 15 hours. I have another near 15 hours extra to put it this next week as well. Wow! So forgive me if I am hard to catch!