Monday, June 23, 2008

Road trip for Debe's Wedding

On Friday morning, I awoke at 5am because for the first time ever, I left my baby at home spending 2 days away so that I could witness the beautiful miracle that was Debe and David coming together in marriage.

We started Friday morning out right with coffee.

We headed to the coast at Monterrey to drive all the way to Oxnard via Highway 1.

Stephanie had the privilege of seeing Hearst castle in San Simeon before but I never had, so we took the tour. Amazing and worth the $24 ticket!

It took us about 12 hours to get to the hotel in Oxnard but it was sooo worth the trip! We had a great time and never ran out of stuff to catch up on. Being so busy with babies and work, it gets harder to keep up with friends. We breathed fresh ocean air, were awed by the might and valor of the sea, and were charmed by sea life! And we had the added benefit of sharing with each other!
We checked in at 6pm and got ready for the bachelorette party at TGIF. Here is Barb and me at the bachelorette party. We have a picture somewhat like this from 10 years ago which looks like we are a 2-headed monster. That is great news because it looks like we haven't aged a bit, Girl!

Here is Debe and Steph at the party...

Steph and I headed back to room at 10pm, ate brownies and ice cream while watching the amazing Horatio Kane, and then zonked out.

We got up and ate the hotel's mediocre breakfast buffet (sometimes it sucks having such a sophisticated palette =). Then, we headed to the wedding site to help out. She is very well connected in LA and her friends did a beautiful job decorating and setting up so there was not too much needed. It just so happened that on the day we traveled to such a gorgeous coastal location, they had a heat wave and it was over 100 degrees instead of the forecasted 83 degrees. We were totally fried and sweaty by the time the wedding began. Thank God everyone was sweaty or I would have felt like an utter sow!

The wedding was short and sweet! Debe was likened to Ruth and David, to Boaz. How beautiful that Debe really did get a kinsman redeemer and David, a beautiful example of Christ's bride! They shared their own vows and included one of my favorites from Solomon's Song, "Set me as a seal upon your heart, a seal apon your arm."

After the wedding, we left for home at about 5pm. We made it home at 11:30 after 3 stops. Not bad time, eh? We tried not to go over 80mph.

Our hubbies and babies were happy to see us the next day!

Congratulations, Debe and David! Live long and prosper in the Lord! May God give you wisdom and revelation in your knowledge of Him. May he continue to give you examples of His love for His bride through your marriage!


Michelle said...

What a beautiful location! I'm glad you had such a great trip.

Stephanie said...

So I loved your picture with your Starbucks. That is so you! Debe was beautiful in her dress! Wow! How romantic! How is that sunburn you are sporting as the latest fashion trend?