Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Two friends, two pedicures, and two sushi rolls

Us at Starbucks (Of course our first choice would be javaj's but he is closed evenings)... Starting the night out right. Notice our smiles. Iced coffee while getting pedicures is sooo like being on vacation!

Here is one of the yummy rolls at Sky. I love the creamy spicy sauce which I am sure has fat, fat, and fat as the main ingredients but I love it nonetheless. It is bliss! We stuffed ourselves! Two things I don't do when I am with my hubby - eat sushi, because he is not a big fan, and stuff myself, because I then I feel like a big pig. Thank God for friends!
It is really nice to take the night off sometimes. As a mom, it is not always easy to get away. I cherish every moment with my daughter and my husband. But I also love an old-fashioned girls night. It is in these rare times, I really can enjoy the new me. The new me meaning the mom me. I was driving home from the evening and I caught myself smiling. (I tried to take a picture of myself, smiling, as I was driving home but they all made me look like we hit the bars, which we did not. So needless to say, they were far too bad to post. I wanted to capture the feelings of happiness and satisfaction about where I am in life but I just looked tired. Not real convincing. I trashed those pics.) I really was smiling in the car as I listened to really loud music in my new minivan. If anyone saw me, they were probably laughing because before I was a mom, I would have laughed. I don't know what it is about a mom rockin' out in her minivan but I would have laughed before kids, and come to think of it, if I saw someone else doing it, I would laugh now too.
Thanks to my beautiful friend Stephanie, for good times and a friendship where we can just be us!