Tuesday, July 29, 2008

this week

Sorry if it feels I have been it a bit scarce. I have had a busy couple of weeks. I catered a men's breakfast (and made an egg strata that looked like heaven on earth when it came out of the oven but then promptly looked like a mere casserole after I cut it into 80 pieces), had 4 birthday parties, quickly stopped in and browsed my neighborhood Anthropologie, and then I just started putting legs to some of my creative ideas. There is no point in being creative if I can't get anything out.

I have been experimenting with some felt for hairclips for Evelina. I think I may have something cute... I will let you know and post pics when I am finished. A local boutique offered to take a look at them. That could be cool.

Today, I found some retro chairs on the side of the road. They are 70's style kitchen chairs. They need to be redone but are in otherwise good condition. I have been looking for an excuse to buy Anna Maria's Ivory Sketchbook fabric. These chairs will be perfect! I have been reading the before and after archives at Design Sponge and have been wanting a project of my own. If they turn out nice, I might be willing to sell them. Stripped and primered them them this afternoon and will be ready to paint them tomorrow. I will post my "before pics" tomorrow as well.

And... Thursday is Matthew's birthday. He has been saving to get himself a playstation for quite some time now. I hope he likes what I got him. He is really hard to buy for! We are having a family dinner tomorrow and I am making ribs with my homemade BBQ sauce. Thursday we are going to Joe's Crab Shack. Sunday, breakfast with his parents. So a week of FUN!

On a personal note, I have a few goals for the weeks ahead:

1. Spend quality time with the Lord.
2. Spend less money.
3. Be less busy.

I have the highest hopes of bringing you great insight as I strive to reach these goals. But for now... as Evelina would say, "nightnight".


Stephanie said...

What a week! Love all your creative thoughts! Can't wait to see them. I have been entertaining are French student. She is so sweet!