Friday, August 22, 2008

this is LOVE

There is something about naptime that makes me happy... it comes in the form of coffee. Here is a picture of my little lab. Oh, so happy!

There is a bit more exciting news... I have had now 2 baby boutiques express interest in carrying my line of hair clips. I just stopped in to shop at one and just browse another with my beautiful friend and just happed to describe what I was making. I have looked and I just haven't seen anyting like it. Hmmm... I wonder what will come of this? I am awaiting some samples of wool and some wool thread. I have some cute ideas for package design because we all know that packaging is crucial. I guess we will have to see...

I am not sure how much posting will be going on next week while we are away on vacation. I will try to sneak away and get some in but, no promises.

The newest creations...

These are not original ideas. I totally ripped them off from JCrew and Anthropolgie. I am having fun nonetheless.

#1: My version of JCrew's Chiffon Rosette Belt.

#2: The little house I am making for Evelina (original idea found here). I am going to take this with us on vacation and finish it there.


Someone fell on her face in the kitchen while helping me unload groceries : ( She cut that little piece of skin that connects the upper lip to the gums. After the bleeding (and crying) stopped, she let me take this picture to show her fat lip to Daddy. She actually did not cry that much. I would have definately been a bigger baby about it.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

the most perfect little house... if only we could move here!

Anthropologie has THE most adorable doll house available! I would have loved make the a home to my little animals when I was a child. I think I am going to attempt to make something similar for Evelina. Too cute!

Vacation - 6 days and counting!

We are so looking forward to our up-coming vacation! The last vacation we had was last year with Matthew's parents in their motorhome to Oregon. Those were some good times! And before then, we took 3 days in Carmel right before Evelina was born. And before that, was our annual Maui trip for the prior three years. Throw in the mix a couple of family camping trips to Tahoe and Little Grass Lake. One thing our vacations have had in common except the one in Carmel - we are not alone! We love our friends and family but there is need for all to get away as a family (or couple) without others.

This vacation is going to be just that! We are going to eat-in, swim in the pool, hang out at the condo... We may venture out to the beach one day, Matthew might golf one day. But, overall, we are going to rest - by ourselves! Oh the joy! Maybe we will give eachother spa treatments - you know, Evelina can rub my feet. Massage is actually very important to her. She likes having her back rubbed and she likes to rub Mommy and Daddy's backs. Yeah for rest, yeah for massages!

I do want to get Evelina a fun pool floatie thing before we go... Anyone know where I can get an exceptionally fun floatie thingy for a baby?

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I am LOVING the new arrivals at JCrew

Love the yellow polkadot top. I have been coveting this double breasted cardigan for some time! And the pinky-red velvet is gorgeous!

This is soooo me!

And this bracelet would go so well with these vintage earings my mom gave me!

I MUST have these shoes for Fall...

Be sure to check out their lookbook for Fall. I think I want one of everything!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Our 9 year anniversary!

I think we spent less money on this anniversary than any other! But, nonetheless, it was fun! We went to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory (a thanks to my lovely friend, you know who you are). Then to see Dark Knight. We stole candy from Walmart. We were almost caught 'cause this lady heard Matthew say "Can you fit all of this in your purse?" but, she turned the other cheek. Just kidding... we had to add a bit more G-rated excitement in there since I won't go into the real excitement of the night but I will tell you it involved sheets ; ) PS- I have no idea why Matthew is trying to choke himself and my head is about to twist off.

A little birthday fun...

Happy birthday, my love!

Chillin' with Uncle Ry
The lovely Natalie and our friend Tass... I would have pictures of his beautiful wife but she made me delete them.
'Cause we're brothers
and one of me... to prove I was there!

Recycled tablecloths...

I had this fabric that was heading for the Goodwill. And then I thought... I could use a bag for the Farmer's Market. This is what came out...

It is not fabric I would have picked out and bought but it turned out cute. I cut a flower out of another fabric, also heading for the Goodwill, and hand stiched it on as an applique. It is my attempt to "go green".

the illustrious chairs...

Ok... don't think trash. Look ahead... picture a splash of yellow. Maybe even a little birdie?

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Check out these GORGEOUS pics of the Olympics Opening Ceremonies!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Evelina's language...

doogie = Judah
eegie = Regis
meemee = Missy (cat)
meme = Medicine for booboo's)
NinaNeenee = Evelina
baum = milk
ghgh = yogurt
chch = cottage cheese
bee baa = big ball
boo poo = big pool
baby mama = baby llama
boomee = movie
ryry = Uncle Ry
mahoo = Matthew (yes, she called him by his first name)
mm-mm-mm = when she wants to cuddle her blankie
BINKYBINKYBINKYBINKY = when she wants her binky (which for the record is only allowed at night (my justification for her having it at all))
poopoonighnigh = when she went poopoo in her diaper while asleep
fsh (while swinging her arm wildly) = flushing the toilet
pum = plum (she likes picking them straight from the tree and eating them
wee = swing
tida = Matilda
lmlmlmlm (sticking her tongue out) = giraffe
RARRRR = lion
usse = juice
side = outside
tee = wants to brush her teeth

I will continue to add to this list as I am reminded of other words she uses... I just wanted to remember all of the wonderfun things she says and how cute they are!

On another note...

Matthew loved the golf membership we gave him for his birthday. We also got a book on all of the PGA courses and another book on area hiking trails. Evelina gave him money for a golf lesson to help with his irons. On Sunday after breakfast with his parents, we all went to the train museum. It was fun! I think he had a good birthday.

I know I promised to post pictures of my ghetto chairs but my camera battery is dead (excuses!). I will do so promptly after I get a good charge.

The little felt hairclips are evolving... Not ready to post pics yet.

Quarterly build-up

I think it is fair to say that each quarter of a year, things build up and I have a mini-breakdown. I overall am happy, contented, positive, and stable. I trust the Lord with all of my heart and do not dwell on the negative elements of life but instead really look for things to be grateful for. But, 2 -4 times each year, things don't move through the emotional pipeline as fast and get backed up. Yesterday was one of those days where things aren't flowing as usual. I was a bit irritable the day before yesterday and it carried over to yesterday. I rarely get irritable so I knew things were just off. It came to a head yesterday afternoon. I can't say anything significant happend to spur on this clog of emotion. I have been thinking about our upcoming move and how we are a bit behind in our financial goals but I don't think those things alone would cause things to go aray. I am sure it is because I haven't really got to spend quality time with the Lord as much I usually enjoy. This time with the Lord is essential to my health. I know there has been some weakness in my foundation without this quailty time with my Father. So, today, I am going to tie up some loose ends by having quality time with the Lord.

Evelina has become increasingly challenging over the past couple weeks. I definately need to be on my game if I am to handle her game. For example, she wanted me to get in her little pool. The instant I got in she started yelling at me to get out. The yelling increased to the point of her taking some swings at me. I had just swatted her before this episode for not coming when I called her so instead of swatting her, I made her sit on her chair while I splashed and had fun in the pool until she could change her attitude. It wasn't instant improvement but she did eventually get in the pool with me and we splashed together. Being a mom is one process after another. She did give me a kiss and tell me she loved me before her nap so I felt a bit better. Not that I am parenting based on how I feel because if I did that, she would be very messed up. I have to stay focused. If I stray just a little, I will fall and take her out with me. The Lord has entrusted me to be her parent and given her to me as a reward so I must raise her in all diligence.

While my emotions were tweaked, I got easily annoyed with a couple people whom I love. I normally have LOTS of grace for those around me but I felt like I was being grated on all sides. I did not get all confrontational on those who slapped me with offensiveness but I don't think I really responded in love either.

Well... I think that is enough venting for now. I hope your day is GREAT and you see the Lord in His marvelous light!