Monday, August 4, 2008

Evelina's language...

doogie = Judah
eegie = Regis
meemee = Missy (cat)
meme = Medicine for booboo's)
NinaNeenee = Evelina
baum = milk
ghgh = yogurt
chch = cottage cheese
bee baa = big ball
boo poo = big pool
baby mama = baby llama
boomee = movie
ryry = Uncle Ry
mahoo = Matthew (yes, she called him by his first name)
mm-mm-mm = when she wants to cuddle her blankie
BINKYBINKYBINKYBINKY = when she wants her binky (which for the record is only allowed at night (my justification for her having it at all))
poopoonighnigh = when she went poopoo in her diaper while asleep
fsh (while swinging her arm wildly) = flushing the toilet
pum = plum (she likes picking them straight from the tree and eating them
wee = swing
tida = Matilda
lmlmlmlm (sticking her tongue out) = giraffe
RARRRR = lion
usse = juice
side = outside
tee = wants to brush her teeth

I will continue to add to this list as I am reminded of other words she uses... I just wanted to remember all of the wonderfun things she says and how cute they are!


Mike said...

THAT was hilarious! I think my favorite was 'poopoonighnigh'.

You gotta love those baby languages. I still love it when Caleb says (when he wants to go swimming) that he needs his "swim soup" (swim suit). Some words, we just don't have the heart to correct them... it's just too cute.

Stephanie said...

I love this!! Of course only you can understand her language for stuff like yogurt - what great memories!!!!