Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Our 9 year anniversary!

I think we spent less money on this anniversary than any other! But, nonetheless, it was fun! We went to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory (a thanks to my lovely friend, you know who you are). Then to see Dark Knight. We stole candy from Walmart. We were almost caught 'cause this lady heard Matthew say "Can you fit all of this in your purse?" but, she turned the other cheek. Just kidding... we had to add a bit more G-rated excitement in there since I won't go into the real excitement of the night but I will tell you it involved sheets ; ) PS- I have no idea why Matthew is trying to choke himself and my head is about to twist off.


Stephanie said...

So I had a good laugh reading this blog! I don't know if it was the sheets or the candy stealing, but I laughed none the less!

Charlotte said...

lol!! I can only imagine the trouble you guys could have managed with sheets! ;)

I think some of my favorite dates with Mike have been when we've had to be creative because we didn't have the money. Good times!