Sunday, August 17, 2008

Vacation - 6 days and counting!

We are so looking forward to our up-coming vacation! The last vacation we had was last year with Matthew's parents in their motorhome to Oregon. Those were some good times! And before then, we took 3 days in Carmel right before Evelina was born. And before that, was our annual Maui trip for the prior three years. Throw in the mix a couple of family camping trips to Tahoe and Little Grass Lake. One thing our vacations have had in common except the one in Carmel - we are not alone! We love our friends and family but there is need for all to get away as a family (or couple) without others.

This vacation is going to be just that! We are going to eat-in, swim in the pool, hang out at the condo... We may venture out to the beach one day, Matthew might golf one day. But, overall, we are going to rest - by ourselves! Oh the joy! Maybe we will give eachother spa treatments - you know, Evelina can rub my feet. Massage is actually very important to her. She likes having her back rubbed and she likes to rub Mommy and Daddy's backs. Yeah for rest, yeah for massages!

I do want to get Evelina a fun pool floatie thing before we go... Anyone know where I can get an exceptionally fun floatie thingy for a baby?


Blooming Life said...

I just realized you can leave comments! haha!
My in-laws got Zoe some from Target for their pool and she loves it. One has a sun shade and plays noises of different sea creatures. She got it at 4th of July! I hope you find something fun!!

Alicia said...

Thanks! I will check Target... they always have cool stuff! Great suggestion!

Michelle said...

What fun! Where are you going?

Paul and I LOVE to get away (ALONE) for our anniversary every year. And the Lord so many years has provided for us to do just that! This year his parents have offered to take the kids ALL WEEKEND. We're going to stay home this time and just enjoy being ALONE for three marvelous days doing whatever we feel like doing. Yipee!!!

Charlotte said...

Yay for vacations! Have you guys decided to join us at Dillon Beach this weekend?