Monday, September 8, 2008

Vacation... a blessed thing! Part 3

We spent out Labor Day at Apple Hill, a favorite place from my childhood and an annual family tradition. I just love the pace there and the beauty. The first group of pictures was taken at my favorite park there, a place where I have pictures of myself as a child.

We watched the stream, ran in the grass, and ate blackberries. Note the messy face!

Daddy picked a little flower in the grass and gave it to her. I think this one will go in the Favorite category!

We stopped in at another favorite spot for Evelina's first pony ride!

She loved the pony ride so much! She was yelling "Yee Haw!" and swatting the horsie's behind. It was a riot. When the ride was over, she cried and kept saying "More Neigh!" over and over.


Blooming Life said...

The picture of Evelina smelling the flower is the best! Her eyes are huge like she might have snorted up some pollen or something! I love it! Sure is beautiful there.

Alicia said...

I love that one! Funny thinkg is, I really don't think that flower smelled at all!

Charlotte said...

Yeah, the picture of her smelling the flower is great! Somehow, it reminds me of Pinnochio... ;)

Speaking of Apple Hill, we're going there this Sunday. Did you get my email inviting you guys to come, too?