Sunday, October 5, 2008

A bit of time all to myself

I am out alone with no agenda! No shopping list, no errands, no husband, no baby. I can not tell you when I last had some time out to myself. Matthew decided to golf today instead of staying home with Evelina so that I could go to a dear friend's birthday party. I had made arrangements with him to stay with her durring her nap so that I could celebrate a precious girl's 1st birthday. I was pretty frustrated at his switching plans on me and this, coupled with the fact that I have not been out alone in who knows how long, gave me a pretty good reason to cash in some chips. So, when he arrived home from golf, I informed him that I was now going to go out.

I must say, I feel amazingly refreshed! I wish I had brought my camera to capture this rare and amazing sight, but alas, words will have to suffice. I did a bit of shopping and found a few treasures - a mustard colored coat, a sweet navy blue top, and a lilac colored tank to go with my soft gray sweater. Shopping without an agenda, and a very active near-two year old is bliss! Creativity flowed as I walked about appraising and appreciating each piece of clothing. I nearly forgot what it was like to buy something after really looking at the texture, color and cut.

I then perused the magazing rack and Barnes and Noble picking out the newest relesases of Domino, Architectural Digest, Martha Stewart Wedding, and Harper's Bazaar. On my way to the check out, I found the most perfect day planner for 2009. It has an unusual shape, 12 by 6 portrait, and is covered with beautiful birdies! Perfectly inspiring as I contemplate the places Splendid Wren will go this next year.

By this time, I was getting pretty hungry so I decided to take myself to dinner. I headed to Pasta Pomodoro and ordered this really yummy shrimp appetizer. The shrimp were in a tomato chile base and were served with crisp parmesan bread.

After dinner I enjoyed a cup of coffee while I write this and study the Bible. I am reading this passage in John, vs 3 to be exact where Jesus is being likened to the snake Moses lifted up on a stick to bring healing to the people. I wonder why God chose to compare Jesus with the repugnant image of a snake?

Anyways, I am so grateful for this time out. I know some of you have time out regularly and may be thinking "You need to get more time to your self!" While some of you are thinking "Time out? What is that?" For fun, leave me a comment and share with me what you would do with a night out and how regularly you get one!


Kristen said...

I have to say I am one of those rare few that has a lot of time by myself. Granted one of the major factors is that I am an older mom and my girls are at school/college and that I also work from home... yeah me! My trouble is that I do not allow myself, very often, quiet to just be creative or honestly, spend time quietly with the Lord. I find many distractions that keep me focused in other, what I think, are more important directions than myself. I am learning to take time for Kristen, for me alone, and not do for others. Yep, this is a new season in my life :-)