Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My Precious Evelina,

In just a couple short weeks, you will be 2 years old. I am amazed at how you have grown into such an incredible person! You are scary-smart and do not stop talking. You can say most of the words we can. We talk most of your waking hours about things you like and are learning and I share with you new things to wrap your smart brain around. For the past couple weeks, you have been really interested in my sewing machine (which means you have been touching it repeatedly, even though you are not supposed to). I got a piece of plastic screen and a plastic needle on a thread so you could "sew like Mama".

You are very thoughtful and are always wanting to "share" your food, toys, and even your precious blankie and binky. You like looking at pictures, especially of us! You like to smile for the camera and you say "EEEE" like we do when we brush your teeth. You enjoy using one of my makeup brushes and, after dipping it in Daddy's deodorant lid, you like to apply it to our cheeks, chin, and nose. Even though you know many colors and can point them out, you think it is funny to say, when asked about a particular color, it is pink. You like watching Veggie Tales and love the musical parts of The Sound of Music.

I rock you before bed every night and sing songs like Veggie Tales' "I Love You Today" and Randy Travis' "I'm Gonna Love You Forever". I know it's kinda early but I can't resist - I have been singing some Christmas songs - "Oh Holy Night", "Silent Night", "Oh Come All Ye Faithful", and the ever-popular and profound "Bee Doo Bee Doop, Doop Doop, Doop Doop White Christmas"and "Jingle Bells"Most nights you want me to sing "Doe Deer". And each bedtime would not be complete without a "babyhug" and a "bighug" or a "babykiss" and a "bigkiss". We always say prayers asking God to give us "wisdom and revelation in our knowledge of Him" and be sure to lift up at least one of our family or friends. After the prayer you emphatically say "AMEN!"

I am not sure what we are going to give you for your birthday yet. Last year, we got you a ball (which you love still), the book, The Velveteen Rabbit (which is a bit old for you yet), and I made you 2 dresses. I would love to get you the retro kitchen from Pottery Barn Kids. We just do not have the $650 to get it. I did see a smaller kitchen at Costco but I just am not sure. My heart wants to get you something big, but our budget says we have to get you something a bit less this year. I am asking God to show me what we can get within our budget that will knock your sock off!

This may sound weird but I know you like to play here at the house (Nana's house for the past 10 months) but I always am running around, dragging you along on errands. For the most part, you are a good sport about it. I have been getting better about it and we have been have a most delightful time playing in your room in the mornings before lunchie. We made you a hideout under your crib with your kitty pillow and a little horsie flashlight. You always want me to "come under" but I do not fit so I just lay there with my head under.

I really have been enjoying your world! Especially the past couple weeks. We have gotten along famously and are really strengthening our bond with love and honor for each other. I have really not had to spank your bottom much lately. Though you are strong and are striving for independence, you are confident in our love for you and are really trying to please us more. You do try and boss Mama but I remind you often that you can not tell Mama what to do. We have been doing more together and you are blossoming into quite the little helper! You like to help with everything and the more things I let you "help with", the more I think you feel affirmed and loved.

You have been pottying in the toilet and wearing your My Little Pony panties for a few weeks now. You still have accidents but are telling me more and more when you need to go. For a few days, you were exerting your will and saying you did not want to potty in the toilet so I told you you had to wear a diaper. You have come around and are wanting to potty in the toilet again.

Daddy bought you a set of baby golf clubs and you carry those around all the time. You love to play outside in the front yard at Nana's with Daddy and golf. It starts with you both hitting the balls but when it comes to picking them up and bringing them back, you like collecting them, but you don't want to give them up after.

We have been out quite a bit for fun things lately. We have been to Apple Hill, Fairytale Town, Bishop's Pumpkin Farm, and of course, the park. You have had a lot of fun and we have many cute pictures of you.

You really love church and love to hear Daddy sing on stage for worship. You like to raise your hand and sing "Jesus". A few weeks ago, you walked up to the keyboard in our room, placed your hands on the keys and foot on the pedal, and sang "I love you, Jesus!" It was precious! I tried to get you to do it again while I filmed you but it was not the same. You like to play with your friends in the children's room at church but you are really tired after and want to go "nightnight".

I am prayerfully considering what to teach you next and how to be a better Mama. I know you have such personality and are one of the most amazing people I know! I am always asking God for wisdom in raising you. I pray that we will always be close as we continue to love and honor each other. I know you will have a fun birthday, Sweetheart, and I love you with all of my heart!


The Scribe of Notting Hill said...

I was thinking that I'd love to buy my nieces the retro kitchen, but I had to wonder whether I'd be buying it for them or for me :-)

So we've embarked on building the real thing instead ... renovating our kitchen to look like the doll version and blogging it here to relieve the stress!

Charlotte said...

You are a good mommy. Especially as you continue to seek God for each aspect of raising her. He loves to watch you loving on and sacrificing yourself for His little princess.