Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Today is the day!

2 years ago today... I was sitting in my room at the hospital after my water broke that morning at 5am. I was probably puking about now and completely non-verbal but, oh the joy, about 10 hours from that moment 2 years ago, Evelina was born. I will never forget her face as I saw it for the first ime. It is etched in my mind forever! I heard almost audibly the word "precious" as I saw her face that very first time.
In the spirit of going green and using what I have on hand to spend less money, i decided to make Evelina's birthday crown for her party on Saturday. (We are keeping it low key and only inviting immediate family.) The bad news is that it is a little wonky mostly due to my incredible lame attempt to write "happy birthday" on the crown. The good news is that it is one of a kind and it matches her tutu.


Blooming Life said...

The crown is perfect! I can't wait to see pictures of her in her tutu and crown! She will look back on this birthday and see how much mommy loved her and all the effort she put into making her 2 year old day so special!
Happy Birthday Evelina!

Charlotte said...

YAY! Happy Birthday, Beautiful Evelina! :)

I remember well the night she was born... I remember looking at her through the nursery window and marveling at how gorgeous she was! I especially loved her nose. :)

Good job on the crown and birthday celebration, Alicia! Did she like the ballerina outfit?