Thursday, October 9, 2008

Welcome Annica!

Here is a little hat I made for Evelina's new little friend. She has been talking to baby Annica on her phone all week! I knit it with a soft cotton yarn and attached a happy felt flower with a tiny french knot of apple-green wool.


Mike said...

That is so cute!!! Annica will love it, I'm sure, as will her Mommy, who you KNOW loves hats! :)

Thank you so much for jumping in and helping us out during the birth, and with the meal the other night. We love you guys!!!

Blooming Life said...

LOVE it! You seriously need to sell these!
You will be my favorite shopping place!
They are turning out so good!
Great job!

Stephanie Wahlberg said...

You are so crafty my friend!!

Charlotte said...

WOW!!!! It is sooooo beautiful! You are the most amazing friend. Annica and I are both honored. :)