Friday, December 19, 2008

Please forgive my absence... See, I am still here!

I know I have promised pics of Evelina's birthday party, which incidentally was almost 2 months ago, but the first-trimester-fatigue and nausea have kept me in a minimally functional state. Yes, I did make Christmas goodies. And yes, I did have 3 events in which I did various levels of catering. I did manage to help host a lovely baby shower for my beautiful friend, Charlotte. And I might have put a dent in the large *read GINORMOUS* pile of laundry that is perpetually on the floor of our bedroom.

Here is some good news... we went to the doc and we saw the cute little bug on ultrasound. We also heard a very healthy heartbeat. For those of you who still think that my mere size means we are having twins, both the ultrasound and the single heartbeat confirm that there is only one little bug.

We ordered a very cute kitchen for Evelina for Christmas. It is not from Pottery Barn Kids but it is from Target and very cute. It is also affordable, where the Pottery Barn Kids one is not.

I do promise to eventually (maybe tonight) post pictures of the past few months but don't get your hopes up. I will try... but I have been going to be by 10pm. I know it sounds lame but I have just not made it much longer than that.

In good faith I will share a recipe... because sharing a great recipe is always a good way to win friends ; ) I made these this week for friends. They were yummy! I just had 4.

See you soon! No, really... I will, I promise!