Tuesday, February 17, 2009

We are having a girl!

I am really excited! I really have wanted a sister for Evelina. A best friend and lifelong companion. I have always wanted that kind of relationship and I am really excited that Evelina and this little one have a chance at such a special thing.

We have been contemplating names and our top choice right now is Luciana Noel. It means Light, Grace and Born on Christmas. One thing that jumps out at me in the meaning of this name is 1) In the beginning, there was Light and, 2)Born on Christmas. There is the first beginning followed by the second beginning. It really speaks salvation.

Evelina's name means life so we would have life and light. I think that would be pretty cool! I am open for God to name her something else but this is the only name that has seemed to fit.

She is measuring a due date of 6/26/09. Soooo... here we go! I can't wait to see your face Little Lu!


Michelle said...

Congratulations! Luciana Noel is SUCH a beautiful name. I love having my two girls together. They are best friends! I am so glad for you.

Blooming Life said...

Luci Lu is a cute little nick name too. I can't wait to see her...or at least pictures of her! *sigh* Congratulations!!! And Daddy Mathew has a lot on his hands with 3 girls now!

Stephanie said...

My dear friend - I am finally blogging again. So sad it took so long. Love the name you chose because of course I am big on the meaning of names.

Charlotte said...

It's perfect that you are having another girl! I am totally excited for you guys! And another beautiful, exotic name!