Friday, May 22, 2009

A few Mother's Day Favorites...

We went on a walk through some really big trees for Mother's Day. What a fun and relaxing day! Daddy and Evelina went shopping for some things for Evelina to pick out for me. So cute! She picked 2 garden stakes - one, a cute little pinwheel and two, a yellow flower. We put them in our little herb garden together. She also picked a lovely windchime that we hung on the patio. She had a great time picking presents for me.

I kinda spoiled the present buying fun a bit because I bought my own gift this year. While I am excedingly happy with my purchases, it wasn't quite as fun. I will get some pictures of my gifts soon.

Here are some favorite pics...

Gotta have matching outfits ; )

The Happy Couple... we are 8 1/2 months here.

The dogwoods were in bloom and beautiful!

Daddy taking her through a big tree!

She loves to play pirates with sticks... It was really cute until she poked my backside for the 50th time ; )


Blooming Life said...

I love that you guys match! What a fun family day!