Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Good Sleep, where have you gone?

I used to have problems sleeping as a youth. So many worries and stresses in my life in that season. After God so faithful healed me on so many levels, I really have not had difficulty sleeping. For the past 9 or so years, I hit the pillow and I am OUT! There has only been one thing that has sabotoged good sleep over the years. My husband will tell you too... I HATE being hot. Being hot is a terrible way to wake from otherwise glorious sleep.

So there is actually 2 things that have kept me from glorious sleep. One I despise - being hot, and the other I love, Evelina. For the past month or so, I have been remembering the sleeplessness that comes with being a new mom. Having trouble sleeping is God's gift to mommies because if we had glorious sleep while pregnant, imagine the shock after giving birth.

So here I am... up for about 2 hours now. It is nearing 4am. I am chatting with an east coast friend who is up because for her, it is time to be up. I remember texting other new mom friends in the night as I nursed Evelina and they nursed their babes (You know who you are ; )

Hmmm... it also could have been the really spicy salsa I had for dinner. I am convinced that really spicy foods and late pregancy do not go well together.

I do plan to go back to bed and try to get some more sleep before I wake to a beautiful face telling me she needs to poop.