Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Luciana Noel


I am so blessed by you! Tomorrow is your 4 week birthday and I can't believe you are almost one month old already! The time has gone so quickly. But don't worry, my love! I have savored every moment of your newborn-ness. Though life is busy, especially with a 2 year old in tow, I have thoroughly been enjoying you.

Lets see... where to begin. Your birth... On the Monday before your birth, I started having very regular contractions every 10 minutes. I really though you would come on Monday night. Tuesday morning, I was expecting you as well. But alas, Wednesday morning, my water broke at 9am. Daddy and Evelina kept me company as I labored at home until about 12 noon. We decided it was time so we dropped Evelina off at Aunt Charlotte's house at about 1pm. By 1:30pm, we signed in at the hospital. They checked me at that time and said I was dilated to 4 cm and was fully effaced. I asked for an epidural straight away because I was expecting to be in labor for a long time as I had been with Evelina. The anesthesiologist came in and was inserting the epidural while I sat slumped over the edge of the bed and endured the most painful contractions so far. As soon as the anesthesiologist left, Dr. Ho came in and checked me. It was about 2:40pm. She looked at Daddy and said "we are going to have this baby right now!" I was dilated to 10 cm after only 30 minutes of really painful contractions! I had about 10 minutes of pushing. I remember Daddy asking me if I want to know what color your hair was. I asked if he was kidding because things were happening so much quicker that I was expecting. I was not expecting to meet you so soon! He told me you had black hair. Dr. Ho said, "Wow! You have a chubby baby!... a REALLY chubby baby!" And in a minute after that, she placed a beautiful, black-haired beauty in my arms. You were stunning! After weighing you, we found that you were 8lbs 15 ozs. I was amazed to have had such a big baby. Every ounce of you was so snuggly and cute! I called you my snuggly-buggaly because you were soooo snuggly. You were very peaceful!

That is the word that I keep feeling over you. You are just so filled with peace! You smell so sweet and you are just such a joy to have. You are a quiet baby. You rarely cry and when you do, it is more like a scream, then a grunt. You are so beautiful with your dark skin and black hair. Evelina calls your hair "fluffy" (She thinks "fluffy" hair is beautiful.) You really do resemble your sister. But you have your own look as well. I think you look more like me in your eyes where as Evelina, looks more like Daddy in the eyes.

You sleep so peacefully and at night, I have to wake you to feed you. God is so amazing that he wakes me every three hours to feed you. He cared about you the moment he made you and he cares about you enough to wake me to feed you at the exact time you need.

Evelina is so doting and loves you so much! She loves kissing you and holding you. She helps me with your diapers and gets me thing when I am feeding you. She loves to pick out your clothes for the day. When you do cry, she always is concerned and says "Mommy, please get her!" I asked Aunt Charlotte to hold you while I took Evelina to the bathroom and she could not stand to be away from you. She was crying and did not want to leave you. She ran to the bathroom so we could get back to you quickly. She loves to tell people that you are her sister!

When Evelina is napping and when she goes down at night, you and I get to have some quality snuggle time. Sometimes we nap and cuddle, other times we cuddle on the couch. I love it when you look at me with your bright eyes and coo. Your sweetness is so SWEET!

I am so excited that God chose me to be your Mommy! I look forward to knowing you and raising you to be all that He has made you to be. I already feel His presence over you. I feel peace and closeness with Him while I am holding you. I know you and He will have a very special relationship. I also felt Him lead me to pray that you would have your sister's ear. I know the calling and destiny He has for you will be so significant.

Luciana, I am so in love with you! I an overjoyed with the knowledge that I get you have you for a lifetime! I am truly blessed to be your Mommy!