Saturday, February 20, 2010

ham is pink

Evelina has been really hungry lately.  Really Hungry!  This hunger really comes up when she sees something good to eat.  Things like cookies, chocolate, pastries...  Even if she has just eaten, she will get really hungry when she sees any of the above foods.  I was worried with these "hunger pangs" she wasn't getting enough food and decided that I should definitely give the poor starving thing something to eat. So I offered her some meat - some leftover ham.  She just looked at me with such a funny look as if to say, "Well, that is definitely not what I had in mind".  She just said, instead, "Ham is pink".  As if she was searching for something truly virtuous and exceptional about ham, making it worthy enough to eat.  She took the ham and did in fact eat it.  But I am not sure she will fall for it again next time.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valentine's upDATE

I think this year turned out to be my favorite Valentine's Day because of how it turned out so organically.  We had a great time at dinner... Paesano's was great.  I had the mushroom risotto and it was smoky goodness with it's porchini mushrooms and smoked chicken.  Matthew has a Mediterranean pizza and was impressed.  We fumbled our way through the streets of midtown as we looked at the various art venues.  Some of the art was good and some, well, lets just say beauty must be in the eye of the beholder.  I personally don't consider dryer lint and pubic hair on canvas a work of art but there was a whole wall of it so clearly, someone likes it. After we walked for several blocks and had our fill of art (and people : ) watching, we drove to Temple Coffee.  It was getting pretty late but sitting in the cafe to end our evening out was perfect.  I felt like we were hidden away in a cozy little nook away from the busy city night life.

We were planning to go light and spend about $30 on the whole night but we were blessed with an unexpected $50 gift card so we splurged a bit : )  I think we went out of pocket a whopping $4.  All in all it was great night!  I will post pics of us lovers as soon as I get them from Matthew but for now... my funny valentines...


On Valentines day, we make pink Ebelskiver with homemade lemon curd for breakfast and exchanged homemade valentines... 

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Nap Time or Room Time

We decided to give Evelina Roomtime instead of Naptime.  At first, she was soooo excited we thought she was big girl enough not to take a nap.  After a few days the novelty wore off.  From then on she has said that she did not want roomtime but she wanted to take a nap.  If I said room time, she said nap.  So I have been using a little reverse psychology.  The last couple days, I have been telling her to take a nap.  I have even said, "Come here my little baby... time for your nappy nap nap."  This has worked beautifully... she has been playing in her room for 2 hours each day.  I love hearing her play in her room.  She sings, she colors, she plays instruments, she dresses up, she has tea parties, she reads books... so good for her.  Being in her room without tv or me to entertain her, she is forced to work with what she has (which in my opinion is A LOT) and create fun.  I remember being a kid and thinking I was bored, wanting to be entertained.  But when my desires for entertainment did not come to fruition, I had to get creative.  I think that this is something we tend to overlook in today's culture.  Even as an adult, when the tv is off, I have to get creative.  I like it.  And plan to do it a lot more often!

This husband get PROPS for planning such an awesome birthday party!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Valentine's Date

Matthew and I decided to not exchange gifts this year.  Part of it is being practical (we do not have extra funds) and the second reason is that we are going on a date instead.  In this world where diapers and crayons are a daily muse, it is nice to get out and be who we are together.  We have spent many holidays trying to out-do last year's holiday and, frankly, the American consumerism of it is just exhausting.  Let's just strip it down to what these holidays are really about.  Or what our lives should be about and use the holidays as reminders to value each other rather than give ourselves another reason to spend money we don't have. 

We are going to the Second Saturday Art Walk downtown.  First, a gallery in Folsom to meet one of our favorite artists, Cao Yong.  I have a long story about his painting (above) Evening in Venice.  Then, dinner at Paesano's.  So looking forward to it. 

Happy Valentine's Week!!!


Monday, February 8, 2010

I am so going to try this!

Love, love, love

Last year I worked secretly to make these cute little pies for Matthew for Valentine's Day from Twig and Thistle.  I made a few boxes so that he could bring them to work and share with friends.  Once the pies were made, I was so excited to slip them into their little boxes and surprise Matthew.  I grabbed a pie and a box and much to my disappointment, my pies were to big for their cute little homes.  I sent the pies on a plate but, how sad... no cute boxes!  Oh, well!

I am not sure what I will do this year but I think it will involve baking again and maybe chocolate.  Matthew is taking me to the Second Saturday art walk and to dinner on Saturday night for our date night.  I did just find a yummy looking brownie recipe on smittenkitchen.

pretty sure any following i had has given up on me...

I know I have not been so faithful when it comes to blogging. Or writing. Or even to my creative other self. Lately, I have been so disconnected to that creative other self, I fear she has fled the camp. I think she may be dancing in the hills of Austria singing "The hills are alive...". Or maybe she is getting ready for the release of her newest book. Or perhaps awaiting the first cut of her very own textile design on the softest, loftiest, buttery soft fabric available. This is not the first time I have lost her. Just when I think she has left me for good and my hopes are dashed, she swept in to make some creamy and tart lemon curd from our new dwarf Meyer lemon tree. And she so sweetly and softly reminded me as we carefully concocted our very own lemon curd that I, not she, am knitting and weaving away at the my most creative, daring, and brilliant venture yet - my girls.