Saturday, February 20, 2010

ham is pink

Evelina has been really hungry lately.  Really Hungry!  This hunger really comes up when she sees something good to eat.  Things like cookies, chocolate, pastries...  Even if she has just eaten, she will get really hungry when she sees any of the above foods.  I was worried with these "hunger pangs" she wasn't getting enough food and decided that I should definitely give the poor starving thing something to eat. So I offered her some meat - some leftover ham.  She just looked at me with such a funny look as if to say, "Well, that is definitely not what I had in mind".  She just said, instead, "Ham is pink".  As if she was searching for something truly virtuous and exceptional about ham, making it worthy enough to eat.  She took the ham and did in fact eat it.  But I am not sure she will fall for it again next time.


Chalk Inscriptions said...

Very it will be green eggs.