Monday, February 8, 2010

Love, love, love

Last year I worked secretly to make these cute little pies for Matthew for Valentine's Day from Twig and Thistle.  I made a few boxes so that he could bring them to work and share with friends.  Once the pies were made, I was so excited to slip them into their little boxes and surprise Matthew.  I grabbed a pie and a box and much to my disappointment, my pies were to big for their cute little homes.  I sent the pies on a plate but, how sad... no cute boxes!  Oh, well!

I am not sure what I will do this year but I think it will involve baking again and maybe chocolate.  Matthew is taking me to the Second Saturday art walk and to dinner on Saturday night for our date night.  I did just find a yummy looking brownie recipe on smittenkitchen.