Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Valentine's Date

Matthew and I decided to not exchange gifts this year.  Part of it is being practical (we do not have extra funds) and the second reason is that we are going on a date instead.  In this world where diapers and crayons are a daily muse, it is nice to get out and be who we are together.  We have spent many holidays trying to out-do last year's holiday and, frankly, the American consumerism of it is just exhausting.  Let's just strip it down to what these holidays are really about.  Or what our lives should be about and use the holidays as reminders to value each other rather than give ourselves another reason to spend money we don't have. 

We are going to the Second Saturday Art Walk downtown.  First, a gallery in Folsom to meet one of our favorite artists, Cao Yong.  I have a long story about his painting (above) Evening in Venice.  Then, dinner at Paesano's.  So looking forward to it. 


Stephanie W. said...

I remember that story about the comes full circle...amazing to be in completely different place only a couple years later....