Monday, March 8, 2010

eat your beets

A couple of nights ago, beets were on the menu.  I thought Evelina would have no problem eating them because she really does like most foods.  She is getting pickier, however, so I thought about it ahead of time and decided I would trump any complaint with, "Don't you want to eat pink food?"  It started to work but alas, no... she wasn't going for it.  Then, quick-thinking Daddy said, "If you eat your beets, your poop will be pink!"  She scarfed them down and spent the rest of the night trying to push out pink poop.  It was not going well for her... no poop.  Her sister pooped right away and if I hadn't thought it through, I would have called 911 because it looked like she was bleeding out in her diaper. The next day, the pink poop prevailed.  The moral of the story is... when in the bathroom, there is always a pot of gold under your rainbow : P


iamright said...

Beets in a diaper... not a good thing. Daddy can usually keep it together while changing poopie diapers. But, this wasn't that day.

Chalk Inscriptions said...

That was very funny!