Friday, March 26, 2010

Happy Weekend...

This week seemed to scream by. I was looking forward to sharing some things I have had on my mind but, alas, the weekend has come and there are new adventures to be had.  There is always next week... good intentions, good intentions, everyone.

Right now I am staring at laundry that needs putting away and dishes that need washing, and then putting away.  But, these blank walls and verily undecorated house of mine is calling out, "Do something".  I have waited to do much with my home because I have very large decor from my old home and also, because my tastes have tweaked a bit.  I still like the rustic, Tuscan decor but I can not escape all of the color that is invading my style.  It makes me feel as if I have deprived myself of color for a very long time and have not been true to my inner designer that wants a lovely blend of colors spread throughout my humble little cottage.  While I have good intentions, People, the house still goes neglected.  I often wonder about those of you who have immaculate homes... and kids... do you ever sleep?  I guess that is my problem... I really like to sleep.  I don't like sleeping in but I do like about 8 hours, no more.  Which brings me to my next topic...

Luciloo!  Why are you not sleeping through the night!?  You are 9 months old and still wanting to nurse 3 and 4 times at night!  Here lies my sleep dilemma.  Maybe if I was getting my 8, I would have a, not immaculate, but lovely enough house.  I would have all of the house work done and finances and catering work all finished and still have lots of time to play with my girls.  We would read lots of stories and build forts.  We would be ballerinas and pirates.  We would have lots of pets because there would be time to care for them.  We would design our own textiles and sew our own line of gorgeous clothing paralleling those of JCrew and Anthro.  We would make and distribute our long awaited line of wool felt hair accessories.  Our garden would be brilliant.  We would have San Marzano tomatoes which we would roast and can for a year of the best sauce ever.  We would have a plot of land and grow the best peaches ever!  Have our own dairy cow so that we could have fresh, organic milk and cheeses. We would begin and finish the BBA Challenge.  We would find some niche for something spectacular and totally corner the market!!!

Oh, the endless possibilities!  While I will follow my heart and pursue the aforementioned delights to the best of my ability, I will most likely still be folding that laundry.  At the very least, the kids did get their weekly baths.  Maybe I make this with the cannellini beans I have been soaking for not one, but 2 days now.  And I might tackle my first of Peter Reinhart's recipes tonight after the girls are in bed.

I did find some lovely fabric for the girls bedrooms.  Anna Maria always impresses me with her lovely designs.  I will be saving for quite some time but I hope to make the girls bedding.  Maybe this idea should be up two paragraphs.

I have been enjoying my girls bible study, learning to have more of a "Mary spirit".  I have always felt good about trusting God and have felt gifted in faith but He is revealing to me areas in which I am not trusting fully.  It feels really good to be back in a bible study. 

I am hoping to hit a few yard sales this weekend.  I am in search of lovely things for mere cents so hopefully I will find some treasures.  Anyone interested in coming along?  I really do not have an agenda.  The plan is to drive around aimlessly while drinking coffee, singing loudly with my girls and looking for signs.  I would be so jazzed if I found some buttery soft fabric with large and small floral print for girls room and for dresses, cake pedestals, demitasse cups with saucers, lamps for my living room, curtains for my 4 tiny kitchen windows, good knives, antique beaded jewelery, and a little tikes play thingy for the girls.  Ya never know... someone could be really excited about selling those very things for really cheap.

On a closing note (wow, I guess I had a lot to say... I am really feeling chatty this afternoon), I hope you have a very lovely and peaceful weekend with your dear ones!


Chalk Inscriptions said...

Sweet! I like the picture and the laundry is relentless. Sigh. Have fun looking for nick-nacks. We are collecting for our yard sale so I have no intent of shopping though it sounds lots of fun!!BTW - I like your humble cottage :)

Michelle said...

I haven't yet seen your humble cottage, but I'm sure it is lovely. I can relate to what you're saying though. There are things I intended to do when we moved in 3 1/2 years ago that are still far from even being planned. We'd just like to get our garage in some semblance of order!

I too have my wish list of things I would love to do. While my babies are (thankfully) sleeping through the night, home educating my children seems to suck up many of the hours of the day (not to mention the laundry and dishes that are always hovering). But then, I am spending that time with my children, which is one of the important things on that list. And somehow, miraculously, I have been able to find a few minutes a day lately to play piano and read. That has to be enough for now, and in a different season I know it will look different. For you too! Good dreams don't die. We just can't do it all at once (though we'd like to sometimes)!

Lisa said...

I have been getting the same bug to decorate, and I LOVE to search for sales!! I am new at this, but I have found it FUN! Sometimes, I'm very frustrated because I like so many things I can't choose between! Call me if you want company!!