Wednesday, March 10, 2010

my bread world is about to change

I just bought this book at the recommendation of a friend (thanks J!) who knew I was cultivating a sour dough starter.  I have read the most of the instructional part and I am so impressed with how much I have learned.  It was like taking a bread making course.  I have always been fascinated with those who can bake well and I have definitely put myself out there.  I have been baking my own (well not my own recipe... I copy hers) whole grain bread for about 6 months now as well as quick breads and muffins.  I have had to practice but I am pleasantly surprised at how well it has been turning out.  I really like bread so that helps but it has been really good.  I think the only bread I have met and not liked is rye.  I pretty much like all breads.  But I also value health so Lindsay's recipe is really good for me.  I get the health quality and great taste and texture. 

I am really excited about trying Peter Reinhart's techniques!  I tend to change up a recipe before even trying it but I am really going to stick to the book here so I can learn as much as I can.  Our favorite little bakery (great spot to take your sweetie or for a girls time out - they have the BEST pastries and, well, pretty much everything I have had has been of the utmost quality!) has a quote from Karen, herself, saying something about how you can't break all of the rules in baking until you learn how to first obey them.  That is going to be my approach as I work through The Bread Baker's Apprentice.